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Throwback To 2005 When The WWE Had A Ladder Match For The Custody Of A Child

One of the cool parts about Twitter is a random tweet from a guy halfway across the world will remind you of an awesome moment from 2005. Today, that moment for me was the Eddie Guerrero - Rey Mysterio storyline in WWE that contained a ladder match over the custody of a child. 

Tell me WWE didn't used to rock. I dare you.

This storyline was so fucked that it had to come from the mind of Vince McMahon. It started with Eddie Guerrero showing Rey Mysterio a video of him at the park with his son Dominick. He then asks Dominick if he wants candy (!!!!) and goes on to have the kid say "I love you, Uncle Eddie!" 

Later, on a SmackDown, Guerrero gave Rey Mysterio his official custody papers for Dominick. Guerrero stated he was legally and biologically the father of Dominick. Guerrero claimed Rey couldn't start a family, so he had Dominick and left him for Mysterio to raise as his own. This was while they were tag-team partners, so that secret was never going to get out. Until Guerrero turned on Rey.


When Rey Mysterio was supposed to hand over Dominick to Guerrero, they agreed to a match at SummerSlam for the custody of Dominick. 

The blonde behind Eddie in the clip above was supposedly from Child Services to make sure that Dominick was handed over properly. Just classic WWE right there. Nothing says professional wrestling like fake government employees. 

The match at SummerSlam was a ladder match, with the custody papers hanging above the ladder. Truly unbelievable. Vince McMahon at his finest.

Rey Mysterio ended up winning the custody of Dominick, who is his actual son. Dominick, to this day, still gets asked who his real father is: