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During 24 Hour Grit Week Stream, PMT Gets Tim Allen Trending, Twitter Thinks He Is Dead, Turns Out He Isn't, So Twitter Flips To Bashing Tim Allen For Being A Snitch

It all started with a simple tweet from Big Cat. A picture of Tim Allen, aka Santa Clause, tweeted at 5 in the morning. Then, before you knew it Tim Allen was announced dead (not really). 

Big Cat even ate a glizzy in honor of Tim Allen:

This was a perfect microcosm of what Twitter has turned into. One account with a massive following (Big Cat) randomly tweets out a photo of Tim Allen. Going along with the joke, a bunch of his followers tweet out various memes about Tim Allen. Thanks to not a lot of news happening at 5 in the morning, Tim Allen starts to trend. Everyone on Twitter starts to wonder why is Tim Allen trending? He must be dead, right? RIP Tim Allen. He had a good run. A few hours pass by, Tim Allen wakes up to the news of his death:

All because during a 24-hour grit week stream, Big Cat randomly tweeted out a photo of Tim Allen. 

It didn't stop there, though. Twitter went from saying Tim Allen was dead to bashing him for being a snitch and a conservative!

I, honestly, did not know the story behind Tim Allen going to jail for 3 years for trafficking over a pound of cocaine (650 grams to be exact). He would have gone to jail for life, but he gave up the names of high profile drug dealers that he was trafficking for. So, yeah, Tim Allen is a snitch. This all happened in the 80s I believe. Once a snitch, always a snitch? Or can you recover from being a snitch by having a show about improving your home?

I would've never known that if it wasn't for the 24-hour grit stream in which Big Cat tweeted out a photo of Tim Allen during that ended up leading to Twitter announcing Tim Allen dead.

The flow of information in the social media world is crazy man!