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Magic Johnson Sending Out Perfect Tweets About The NBA Games Tonight Is The Normalcy The World Needs Right Now


You know what guys? This is the most normal I've felt in months. Yeah, we've had some sports back with baseball just starting to go with golf and horse racing and European soccer, but basketball is my first love so needless to say I'm jazzed for tonight. But this? Magic firing out these tweets, this is normal. This lets me know everything is just going to be fine. Whenever I've blogged about college hoops lately, I talk about positive vibes only for the season and I've never had more positive vibes than this. 

Sure you could tell me this isn't Magic: 

But these are Magic's words. There's no doubt in my mind this is Magic sitting in the room with a guy or gal and saying 'here's what I need you to say EXACTLY.' Then he remembered he heard about one of those gif things and told him to toss in the most used one involving a basketball player. Send and sit back and kick up your feet. That's 100% how it happened in my eyes. 

I don't know what's going to happen tonight. Zion is a gametime decision, unless Magic knows something different. That's really what makes the second tweet so fucking funny. 'Oh shit, forgot the first game!' I don't know how the style of play is going to be considering we've watched 10-minute quarter scrimmages and this is all new. But I do know that this is what we needed. We need Magic breaking down games the only way Magic can.