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Good Boys And Girls Are The Key To Fighting Covid-19 In The Future

(Source)--Trials will be conducted as early as next week at the Alfort Veterinary School, in collaboration with the Bégin Hospital.
Are dogs able to detect coronavirus patients? This is the best of a French veterinary doctor who will start trials next week.

“The idea came into our heads a few weeks ago because work was done several years ago at a university in Alabama, the USA showed that viral diseases could be diagnosed in cattle using the nose of dogs,” the head of the Paris Fire Department told BFMTV on Friday.

“We thought that if a virus was likely to leave olfactory traces on an animal, there was no reason why it should not leave one on a human

The most incredible animal ever. Dogs about to do it again. Why didn't we think of this sooner? I've heard all of the ideas about how to detect and track Covid-19 in people and I didn't like any of them. 

Health app tracker in your cell phone

Bill Gates implanting a microchip underneath your skin?

A dog coming up to you and giving you sniffs and cuddles and kisses?

This is how you get 100% participation in a program. You get dogs involved. You let dogs, an unbiased, trusted, adorable, third party tell you if you have Covid-19 and if you do they're instantly there to make you feel better. It's a win-win-win except for the fact that you have a deadly virus. Other than that though, dogs there to save the day. The need to let people pet the dog though. There's that German Shorthair Pointer at OHare who just works for the TSA going around sniffing for bombs or drugs or whatever. Those pups are always working. They're right next to you. Not being able to pet them is torture. This test works by dogs smelling sweat that apparently has a distinct scent to dogs if you have covid. You gotta let them get right up in there and you can hug them if have it. Dogs. The best.