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Max Scherzer, Confirmed Still A Sicko


God I love this shit. As I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate things like "arm slot" and the like. I still am a novice at it, but when I read about release point and all that I can get a little chubbed, especially when you see a pitcher like Scherzer doing it with the pitches overlayed. I cannot imagine how hard it makes Carrabis. Watching Max Scherzer pitch is an absolute delight. Take away all those 1st inning home runs he's given up over the last few seasons and I'm pretty sure he has an ERA of .030. Just a master of his craft. And even with the weird spring training, the 110 degree humidity in DC, and the Blue Jays playing a home game, he is still just a complete sicko out there:




And just to put into historical perspective how dominant he is…



That is crazy. For some reason I still feel Scherzer is talked about a level below Johnson, Pedro, Clemens, etc, but I think he deserves to be in that convo. Am I wrong about either of those points? Has he reached that elite conversation level? If not, can he get there? Regardless, he is a future hall of famer, one of my favorite athletes to watch, and hope he picks up another Cy Young this year.

Oh, and now he's struck out both Vladimir Guerrero and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. That's pretty cool.