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Post Malone Went On The Joe Rogan Experience For Almost 4 Hours Today

This interview dropped about an hour ago, so I'm only just getting started on it myself, and I don't have much to add/recap from it - but I just wanted to let everyone know that it exists, because I have a feeling it'll be an all timer for fans of either of these guys. Post Malone just seems like a big cuddly cig-loving teddy bear who gets along with everybody, and Joe deffffintely seems like the chill kinda stoner who'd vibe with him as well. 

Even aside from that tho, just the fact that somebody as famous and successful as Post Malone is doing a four hour interview is pretty crazy, and something we kinda only get on The Joe Rogan Experience. These archives are gonna serve as a very cool time capsule into who some of these people really were at this point in their lives one day.

Anyway, in the first five minutes, they reveal that Post is coming off an all-nighter, about eight Bud Lights deep (and also on mushrooms), talk about how he just kinda randomly bought a house on Zillow one night and lives in Utah now, and get right into aliens, so what more could ya ask for?!


P.S. Post Malone/Travis Barker's Nirvana Tribute Show is STILL one of the best things to happen since we've been quarantined. Check it out if you missed it....