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Ovi Is The Best Player In The History Of Post-Regular Season, Pre-Playoffs, July Exhibition Hockey Games And It's Not Even Close



I've never typed a more accurate title. Ovi will go down as the most dominate exhibition game before the playoffs start but after the regular season ended player of all time. I'm positive of it. On that first goal, I cannot believe he got 2 chances. That first one, had he not whiffed, would have gone 135 MPH, minimum. And then he got it right back and buried it, as he does.

And then that vision on goal 2! Boy oh boy. All he did during quarantine was workout/train (and develop his son into an all star)




And it's showing. 1 period of exhibition hockey down and the Caps look great. 

Honestly, just feels great to be watching them play again. It's so weird, but just feels nice. Crazy how sports helps your brain so much. Glad they're back. Our Year rides again.