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Nate Solder Has Opted Out Of The 2020 NFL Season

I feel like this was one of the most obvious opt out decisions for anybody in the NFL considering Nate Solder battled testicular cancer while he was with the Patriots and also has a kid at home currently fighting cancer as well. His performance with the Giants may not have come anywhere close to the money he was given by the team and his signing clearly does down as one of Dave Gettleman's biggest blunders, no matter how much Jerry Reese left his and the O-Line's ass in the jackpot after he got fired. But Solder always seemed like a great dude off the field, which counts for something considering some of the guys that made their way through MetLife recently, and he will never be remembered as the worst left tackle of this era considering Ereck Flowers was cashing paychecks for the Giants during that time. 

As for Big Blue's roster, this isn't announcement isn't exactly crushing with Solder's struggles and it clearly opening a path for Andrew Thomas to take over the left tackle position then hold onto it for the next 15 years, preferably while on his way to Canton if that wouldn't be too much to ask. The right tackle battle without Solder loses a safety net that may have actually been laced with knives considering Solder's play as a Giant. But now it looks like the Giants starting right tackle competition is between Nick Gates (who also was getting looks at Center), Cam Fleming (who was a swing guy for the Cowboys), and Matt Peart (who seems to be a project coming out of UConn). Those are three pretty decent sized question marks for an important position in a brand new offense on a line with very little chemistry together as things get underway in East Rutherford. Hopefully right tackle and center get ironed out quickly and Solder is the only player on the O-Line to opt out because we need to keep this swagged up, masked up face as clean as possible this season.

UPDATE: Apparently Solder's contract will still have two years left on it but I can't imagine we ever see him play for the Giants again

However, Dave Gettleman just got gifted a whole bunch of cap room with DB and EDGE still being a need even if DeAndre Baker beats his charges and Markus Golden returns like he is supposed to.

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