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Thanks To This Announcement On Twitter, Baylor Could Now Be The No. 1 Team In The Country When College Hoops Starts This Season

I said positive vibes only regarding a college hoops season this year, so I'm going to operate every blog under the assumption we're getting SOME sort of season until I hear otherwise. Put good vibes on the Internet and we get the season. That's all that matters. I just had to start with that before I address the real point of this blog. 

I know Baylor isn't the sexy name. I know the joke in college hoops Twitter is whether or not Scott Drew is a good coach. I know that they are in the same conference as Kansas, but Baylor might just be the No. 1 team in the preseason thanks to MaCio Teague pulling his name out of the NBA Draft. Well, it's step 1 I should say. Step 2 is getting Jared Butler to do the same as MaCio Teague. However, we may be waiting longer for that thanks to this loophole in the NBA Draft rule: 

Now you may ask why this is important. Well, if you watched Baylor last year you noticed main things. One, their defense is fucking disgusting. That's mostly due to the entire team and ability to switch, but you need guys like Teague who can do that. Second and this is the more important part, MaCio Teague and Jared Butler were the two guys who could go get a bucket for Baylor. Yes, its offense finished 17th in KenPom, but if you watched them, especially towards the end of the year the offense got stagnant. They would rely on forcing turnovers for buckets, but in the halfcourt it was Butler/Teague having to create the offense. That's why this is vital. 

And yes if Butler comes back there are already guys with votes saying they'd be the No. 1 team in the preseason. Either way they will be a consensus top-3 team in the polls with Nova/Gonzaga being the other two in some order. Regardless, this is awesome as a college hoops fan. Obviously I love seeing dudes that help make the game better come back because it helps raise the talent across the country. If Butler comes back we're going to see Baylor as a potential No. 1 seed for two years in a row. That's absurd. Think about where Scott Drew took this program after that fuck Dave Bliss and where it is now. That's nothing short of amazing. They just need better jerseys.