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Al Roker Did Not Shit His Pants In The White House And Here's Why, A Big Cat Investigative Report

(Source) You can count on Al Roker to tell it like it is. And he did just that — sharing a little too much information — in a “Dateline” interview on NBC with Dr. Nancy Snyderman, and his soundbite is quickly becoming legendary. Roker, 58, who has written a new book about his struggles with weight loss sat down with Snyderman to talk about gastic bypass surgery. After undergoing the surgery in 2002 and losing more than 100 pounds, Roker, 58, recounted that he was visiting the White House about a month after the surgery.

“When you have a bypass and your bowel has been reconstructed, you think you’re pretty safe,” he explained. “I probably went off and ate something I wasn’t supposed to.” As he was walking to the press room, Roker felt like he had to “pass a little gas here. Only a little something extra came out,” he said. “You pooped in your pants,” said Snyderman. “I pooped my pants,” confirmed Roker. “Not horribly, but enough that I knew.” “Which is a common side effect of this surgery,” Snyderman said. “Exactly,” he said. “So, I was panicking. So I got to the restroom of the press room, threw out the underwear and just went commando.”


So yesterday 610 and KFC wrote a blog about how funny this Al Roker pooping his pants story is, which it is, if it were actually true.


Does Al Roker think I’m stupid or something? Does he think I wouldn’t catch onto his little tall tale about pooping his pants? Bro, I basically invented pooping your pants, that’s my game, that’s my signature move, so don’t try and tell me you shit your pants in the White House because I know its not true. And you know how I know you’re lying? Oh I don’t know, how about every piece of common sense in the world.


Al Roker Pooping His Pants In The White House Breakdown, A Big Cat Investigative Report

1. Al Roker claims he was trying to fart in the White House – First lie. No one farts in the White House except the President and maybe an occasional queef by the first lady. Everyone knows this. The White House is like going on a first date, you hold that fart in with every bone in your body. Its like SPEED but instead of a bus that can’t go under 50 mph its your body that can’t fart. Pop Quiz Hot Shot, you fart in the White House, you die.


2. This was 2002 – Did anyone not notice that? Al Roker thought he could casually drop a story about the White House and hope we all would assume it was Obama. Oh cool, Al Roker sharted in his homeboy Barry’s crib, nbd. WRONG. This was George W. Bush. Now I’m not a political pundit but does George W. Bush strike you as the type of guy that would allow black people to shit their pants inside of his home? Yeah me neither.


3. I invented shitting your pants – I know I already said this but it needs stressing. I mean does anyone else find it more than a coincidence that Al Roker told a TEN YEAR old story about pooping his pants not 3 weeks after I told mine? After I made it socially acceptable to be a grown man that poops his pants? Hmmm, seems a little odd no?


So what really happened? Well, I think Al Roker did actually shit his pants. In fact I think he probably shits his pants all the time. Obese people live in poopy pants 24/7. Its like breathing to them. But I KNOW it didn’t happen in the White House. That’s a fact. So Nice try Al, but I’ve seen Forrest Gump too. You can’t just pick a random story from your life and tell everyone it happened in the White House to make it more compelling. I’m not a waitress sitting at a bus stop listening to a mentally handicapped person tell stories. Clean it up.


Investigative Report by

Big Cat, “Media Watchdog”




If there ever was a time that Roker shit his pants I think we can all agree it was during this clip.


Double PS
Love how matter a fact this interview was. You pooped in your pants. Oh well. What are you going to do. You’re a grown man who pooped in his pants. Like forgetting to wear your belt in the morning. These things happen.