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Tonight Juan Soto Will Officially Have Missed 10% of the Regular Season, Despite Passing MLB's COVID Tests


Andddd make this 6 straight games to start the season that Juan Soto will not be playing after he tested positive for COVID last Tuesday. And that positive test may very well have been a false positive, because he then tested negative later that day, and in 2 consecutive tests since, which should clear him per MLB rules. However, for some reason Washington DC also has to clear him, and our fearless government leaders in DC have not done that yet, which is why Soto is not in tonight's lineup.

It's sort of a joke, right? Missing 10% of a regular season which is supposed to count the same as every other season? Imagine your best player missing the first 16 games of a season over an iffy, possibly false positive test? And red tape is just stopping him from playing? Pretty infuriating. These games all matter so, so much, and the Nats are now 1-4 without Soto. It's really, really tough to swallow, but you also have to understand they DO NOT want another Marlins situation on their hands. And I get that. So I can see both sides, but purely from a baseball and a fan perspective, we need Soto in there.

So I don't know. MLB can't test correctly or keep their players healthy, DC can't clear a guy who may have never truly tested positive to begin with, and all the while the Marlins season is paused, the Blue Jays are playing a home game in Washington, and 10% of the season is already finished. What a bizarre fucking year. Onwards and upwards.