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Ed Orgeron on Playing Football This Fall: "You Call Us at Midnight, We'll Play in a Pasture."

Plenty of people fought it for a long time, but it is truly impossible at this point to not love Coach O. The term "Football Guy" gets tossed around a lot and there are certainly plenty of them across the sport, but I'd wager there is nobody who truly loves the game of football like Ed Orgeron.

"You call us at midnight, we'll play in a pasture." What a line. Coach O is ready to go anytime, anywhere against anybody. And coming off a national championship, why shouldn't he be?

All he wants to do is coach football this fall like he's done every fall for who knows how many years. I'm actually a little bit concerned for what will happen to him if there is no football this season. He truly won't know what to do with himself.

If anyone wants to know how Orgeron feels about getting to be the head football coach at LSU, I would refer you to this interview coming out of halftime of a game at Tennessee in 2017 in what is probably the hardest rain storm I've ever experienced. I was in the stands and I can't believe the game even continued, but Coach O was having the time of his life.

How can you not smile when that guy speaks?

Just please let there be college football this fall. If not for my sake, then for Coach O's.