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Mystery Seeds From China Keep Showing Up In Mail Boxes Across America

Your mail is delivered. Nothing but some junk and an interesting package from....China? You don't remember ordering anything directly from China, but you decide to open it up anyways. What's inside? Seeds. 

This is happening all across America. From Texas to Washington. 

Would you plant it? I know I wouldn't, but that's because I haven't planted anything in my life outside of a tree with my 2nd-grade class. What if I was a real man and lived in Texas, with a garden in my backyard? Would I say "fuck it, let's see what happens?" Possibly. It happened to this fella:

I mean who knows what these seeds are capable of. Maybe they are steroid seeds! Is there a group in China trying to destroy our agriculture business? Or are they just trying to be nice? I doubt it.

Hmmm, China has never lied before. We must trust them!

Anyways, please do not plant these seeds if you get them in the mail. Be smart!