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The Bar Owner From The Berwyn Bar With The 2 Way Mirror Went On WGN Today And He's Even Better Than You Imagined




Well we need to hire this guy ASAP. I thought I had a spinzone, no no no, this guy has a fucking spinzone. Just takes whatever facts and videos and common sense you may have and flips it all on it’s head. That two way mirror? That’s a gimmick. You know how he knows? Because he worked in pro wrestling for 7 years and everything in life is a gimmick. Just like the lady who made the video and doesn’t want her vagina looked at through a two way mirror, she doesn’t actually mean that, that’s just the feminist gimmick, smart move by her, gotta have a gimmick, everyone needs a gimmick. You see a peeping Tom he sees a gimmick, game set match Ronnie Lottz. It’s a gimmick, relax world, ever heard of a gimmick?