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Jake Paul And Nate Robinson Did An Interview Hyping Up Their Fight And We Have Nate Promising To 'KO Jake's Bird Head Ass'


I want to make fun of this fight and say it's nothing, but I'd be lying. I'm fucking jazzed up for this fight. It's such an outrageous combo that it has my complete interest. I'm not even talking about Tyson/Jones because of how much I'm focused on Nate Robinson vs Jake Paul. Never did I think I'd be blogging about Nate Robinson boxing a YouTube guy, but here we are. That's the beauty of the weirdness of 2020, we're getting shit like this. 

That said, Nate Robinson calling Jake Paul a 'bird head ass' is so goddamn funny to me. You can't look at Jake Paul now and not see a bird for a head. It's the perfect insult. Adding 'ass' to the end just really emphasizes it too. I have no idea why, but it's just the perfect insult without crossing a line. 

So how did we get here? According to TMZ this is what Nate Robinson has to say: 

Nate tells us he's been following Jake's recent antics VERY closely lately … and he's sick of hearing Paul calling out weak opponents like a "bully." 

"I want all the smoke," Nate tells us. "I'm a top tier athlete! I'm putting my everything on the line for (Jake). Let's get it done. It's that simple."

Outside of that, I don't care what happens. Just let me watch these two people throw haymakers at each other. It's not going to be pretty, even if Jake Paul has boxed before: 

I still got Nate Robinson by KO vs bird head ass.