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Guy Climbs Up His Balcony To The Apartment Above To Fight The People Who Live There TWICE

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Press Citizen- An Ames man faces a felony burglary charge for allegedly breaking into an Iowa City apartment and assaulting the tenant twice in the same night. According to an Iowa City police complaint, 19-year-old Mason J. Sury, of Ames, broke into an apartment on the 300 block of S. Gilbert Street at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Police say witnesses reported that Sury had been in the apartment directly below the victim’s residence when he became upset and climbed to the balcony, entered the upstairs apartment and began to physically fight with the victim and others present. Sury left the apartment but returned roughly 20 minutes later with two unknown individuals, broke down the apartment’s front door and again began physically fighting with the occupants, according to police. The victim received injuries to his face, police say. Sury has been charged with first degree burglary, a class B felony. He was booked Saturday and released Sunday from the Johnson County Jail.


The one thing I hate about reports like this is they don’t give enough detail.  Like why would this dude climb up his balcony in order to get to the apartment above to beat the shit outta them?  And then come back twenty minutes later and do the same thing?  Makes zero sense without context.  It makes even less sense that the guy is from Ames on specifically last Saturday night in Iowa City.  Iowa State had just won the game against Iowa, so what is this dude mad about?  It would make sense if he was from Iowa City and the people who lived above him were loudly celebrating the Cyclones win but not the other way around.  It would take something REALLY insane for a person from Ames to be upset last Saturday.  Every person from Ames I saw was walking around Iowa City with a shit eating grin on their face.  You could’ve insulted their mothers or their grandmothers with vile aggressiveness and they would’ve patted you on the back, smiled even wider and kept it moving.  So for this guy to go up and fight his neighbors TWICE something big time must’ve happened.  Maybe the guy above was railing the dude below’s girlfriend?  That’s literally the only thing drastic enough to upset an Iowa State fan enough on Saturday night to want to fight somebody twice.