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This IG Model Is ALL SMILES!!!

Hey Lindsay! Spread some of those smiles around the table, would ya! I could use a few two tree of em. I am nothing but DOOM and GLOOM over in my shitty Ukrainian Village apartment because my teams STINK, per usual. 1 and 4? Nicky "AAAA" Delmonico hitting cleanup and Robert 7th? Sitting Grandal in 40% of your teams games to start a sprint of a season? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME LINDSAY!?

S'all good, man. That's what I'm telling myself today. Gio is going to SHOVE, the lineup will be back to normal, so long as Renteria pulls his head out of his ass, and the everything will be cherries and gumdrops come about 10:00pm CST tonight. If they lose? Hold me Lindsay. Just hold me. 

PS - Go watch Smitty pile up "L" at a pace that would make Ricky Renteria blush in Verdansk until I'm able to get back and hop on the sticks.