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NBPA Director Michele Roberts Says If The NBA Season Starts On December 1, They May Have To Be In A Bubble Again To Be Safe And If You Don't Believe Her 'Just Ask The Marlins'

I'm not gonna lie, I don't hate the shade at the Marlins because fuck anything Derek Jeter is associated with. But this would be a fascinating start to the next season. How many guys would end up backing out or what kind of shit would we see if there's a season in a bubble? I'm not talking just a short amount of time either. But if there's not a vaccine and the NBA clearly wants the games to keep going and we're seeing bubble life working, they will just go right back to Orlando. 

Still think the NBA would have to adjust some of the things with bubble life though. You gotta add a strip club, that's just a fact. We've heard numerous people talk about how guys need female companionship, it's the least the NBA can do. We won't have to worry about guys sneaking out of the bubble either and you keep a star like James Harden super happy. Just build the NBA2k playground. We already have the bubble shop. We have golf and fishing. Add in a few more things and I think you see them content with that life for a season to happen. 

I'll say this about a bubble season - if that gives us day time hoops, I'm ALL for it. Obviously I'm all for any season, but if you toss in the fact that we could have games starting at like 1pm and that's just awesome. We're getting a glimpse of that now when we had MLS games on at 9am, hockey and hoops are now on in the early afternoon. There's nothing better than finishing lunch and tossing a game on. We need more of that.