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A Potentially Explosive Road Rage Incident Quickly Diffused After A Man Offered To Beat His Rival's Dick

Now wasn't that nice to see? After months of different Karens and Chads and whatever other silly ass names the internet has pumped out for idiots, it was beautiful to see a kerfuffle settled by making love not war. I mean we don't actually watch what happened after the camera was turned off. But I imagine there was dick beat sensually into the ground all day loooong with care and respect and not a trace of chafing thanks to the lotion this flip flopped angel had ready in his car for incidents just like this. I bet he has all types of scents too. Lavender, vanilla, spring fresh, and organic dye-free scent-free for guys with extremely sensitive skin. Whatever is necessary to relieve stress from his fellow man and keep the world from devolving into chaos one iPhone video at a time. This is truly the face of peace in our time.


So thank you Shammy Hagar for doing your part in trying to turn this dump truck known as the world around before its too late. I may be more of a David Lee Roth guy but the intro to "Right Now" is lowkey one of the best hype songs to play before a big game and the music video always entertained me back in the 90s.