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Let's Not Forget How Awesome Bryce Love Was At Stanford


Man Bryce Love was so awesome at Stanford. He was the Heisman runner up in 2017 after a ridiculous season where he ran for 2118 yards on 263 carries, good for an 8.1 avg. He returned for his senior season where he tore his ACL in the final game, but was still drafted in the 4th round by the WFT last year. It appears he is NOT starting this season on the PUP list, which excites me to no end. Dude was so god damn electric in college that if he can recapture that magic, we have a GD steal. Here's 10 minutes of him running the ball if you so desire:



The backfield in Washington will be crowded entering the season. Guice, Peterson, Love, J.D. McKissic, and rookie Antonio Gibson. Then also don't forget we signed Peyton Barber previously of the Bucs. Someone's gotta be the odd man out here. I love a healthy Guice, I love what McKissic can do catching the ball out of the backfield and think he's the perfect 3rd down RB, along with Gibson who can play RB and slot WR. And then I think you have to keep Love, which means ADAP could very well be the odd man out here. Do you keep 5 RB? Is Gibson technically a WR? And please, don't say "Well Guice is obviously going to get hurt". We don't need that bad energy. This is his year to shine.

If Love is healthy he could very well end up being the best RB on the roster. If he's 80% of what he was in college he's still a very strong option in the backfield. He's a guy who would definitely a million % benefit from a preseason. He needs to play against NFL talent and get up to speed. 

But man, he was good. Let's hope he still got it.