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Bradley Beal And His Girlfriend Call Out Zach Lowe On Twitter For Apparently Lying To Beal's Face About Having Him On The All-NBA Team

So yesterday Zach Lowe put out his awards ballot for the 2019-20 season. Why does this matter? Well, there are a lot of financial components tied into players contracts based on awards. Whether it's a bonus, whether it's determining if they are eligible for the supermax, etc. As silly as some of these awards are, they are VITAL to how much money someone can make. It's wild that it's still that way, especially when you have some media members who quite honestly don't really understand the game vs reporting about the game. 

So now you have Bradley Beal. Yes, I know he plays for the Wizards, but Beal had one of the best seasons that you probably didn't know too much about. The dude is second in scoring in the league. He put up 31/6/4 and actually has the Wizards in Orlando, which I know is 9th in the Eastern Conference, but that roster fucking stinks. And you see these sort of reports: 

And that's why Bradley Beal's girlfriend is speaking up on Twitter: 

And I know people will side with the media here because they hate when players complain, but Beal's got a legit complaint! I'm not saying he HAS to be first team All-NBA, but he's gotta be on the teams. You don't put up that season he has and not get recognition. Plus, Beal has done everything right. He could have been on a super team, he's not. He's saying all the right things about playing in Washington. He should be the dude that people like and back in this situation.