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Carsen Edwards Just Sent James Harden To The Center Of The Earth

Uhhhhh holy shit. I don't think I'm alone in not knowing Carsen Edwards had this in his bag. I don't even think he knew he was capable of a dunk like this. I counted not one, but two MVPs unable to stop Carsen from throwing this down with his left. James Harden that poor bastard, he finally tries to change the narrative that he doesn't play defense and look what happened. He's going to be on every highlight all over the internet for the next 25 minutes at least. No chance he gives any effort again on the defensive end after a play like this. I just looked up the NBA bylaws and Harden is now required to give Carsen his MVP. I don't think that's fair, James earned that trophy but those are the rules. 

In reality the Celts played their second unit the whole night and Harden has about 75 points with 12 3PM but whatever, Carsen put him on a poster and that's all that matters right now