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It Took Exactly Less Than One Quarter For Kevin Harlan To Try And Convince Magic City To Send The Famous Chicken Wings To The NBA Bubble

Kevin Harlan is so damn good and he always finds the right call for something like this. The dude just nails it all times. You know what's hot in the streets right now? Magic City wings. Thanks to Lou Williams, but people aren't even talking about Lou Williams anymore. People just want to try these wings. It's all everyone can talk about. Are they really that good? Do you know anyone that has tried the wings? I don't even care if Kevin Harlan isn't in Orlando and is just calling the game remotely, the man wants wings to be sent to Orlando. If Magic City was smart, they'd load up a truck right now and force Adam Silver's hand into letting them deliver the wings to all three hotels. 

Harlan is the clear No. 2 play by play game for me behind Gus Johnson. Those two and Ian Eagle are the clear top-3 in the game right now. You have Harlan talking about loving Lil Uzi

He had an unbelievable call involving beer: 

Remember when he called the MNF black cat? 

He had the goofball on the field call too!

The man just knows how to deliver in all big moments. If that clip went on for about another 15 seconds you would have heard Harlan immediately go back to calling the Celtics/Rockets game as if he wasn't just talking about strip club wings. What a run for Magic City. If Kevin Harlan wants pull in Atlanta, the man should have all the pull in the world.