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McKenzie Bezos Is Wasting NO Time Giving Away Her Money- Donates $1.7 BILLION To Charity

Source - Mackenzie Scott, formerly Mackenzie Bezos, donated roughly $1.67 billion to more than 100 non-profit organizations over the past year.

The author and Amazon shareholder published a breakdown of her philanthropy efforts on Tuesday and encouraged others to support the advocacy groups listed. Scott's update came about 14 months after she committed to donating most of the $36 billion fortune she received after her divorce from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Scott acquired about 4 percent of the technology company's shares in the divorce settlement.

You wanna know what's crazy? McKenzie Bezos still has $57 BILLION in the bank. That's right, the $36 billion listed above is what she was awarded from her divorce. She already had $23 billion to her name. Think about that. She donated more money than the next 1000 generations of your family will ever see and she won't even notice it's gone. 

Here's where it went:

Since then, Scott's donations prioritized initiatives that work within nine designated advocacy areas. In Tuesday's update, she said those areas are: racial equity, LGBTQ+ equity, gender equity, economic mobility, empathy and bridging divides, functional democracy, public health, global development and climate change.

Scott said she selected the 116 organizations listed with help from a team of advisors "with key representation from historically marginalized race, gender, and sexual identity groups," who provided insight into groups effecting significant change.

More than 80 percent of gender equity groups that received donations are operated by women, more than 90 percent of racial equity groups are operated by leaders of color, and all LGBTQ groups are operated by LGBTQ leaders.

I don't what LGBTQ organizations she's talking about, but McKenzie, if you're reading throw a few bucks my way. I'll use the money to update my look that way more gay people will look at me. The more eyeballs I have, the more I'll be able to enact change. See where I'm going here? Your hands are tied. 

She lists out each individual charity she gave to along with dollar amount per cause below...

Wild stuff. Hopefully the next blog I write about McKenzie is about a big personal splurge. I want to see what cars she drives (do you drive when you're that rich?), what yachts she owns, houses, etc.. Much more exciting than charity. Regardless, it's good to see someone do good with their wealth. Good on her.