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This Popeyes Worker Could Not Be More Drugged Out Of His Mind If He Tried



Hey remember the blog from a couple days ago with the video of the two dudes at the festival trying and failing to punt up a tent because they were high as shit?  And the lesson was to always put your tent up first before taking the drugs?  Well similar thing here.  Always wait until after your shift to take LSD or smoke PCP or whatever the hell is going on there.  That’s another rule to live.  Work your shift then do the drugs.  I repeat.  Work your shift then do the drugs.  People want their Popeyes and they want it now.  Not when that guy comes down.  Now.  It’s one thing to smoke weed and do your job.  Sure, maybe that slows you down a little but it’s not the worst thing you can do.  But you can’t take the drug that makes you run around the restaurant and shit your pants.  Those are After Shift drugs.


PS- Love the guys in the car being like, “Get him some water” like that’s magically gonna bring him down from where he’s at.  I mean it probably wouldn’t hurt but they were telling them to get him some water like it was the answer to everything that was going on.