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Cahtah Haht Highlights Taking You Into The Flyers First Exhibition Game vs The Penguins

As the wise prophet Tom Keifer of Cinderella once said, "you don't know what you got 'till it's gone". Well, folks, we had to learn the hard way what life without Carter Hart was like over these last 140 days. But now we get this beautiful baby hockey jesus back into our lives today, even if it's just during an exhibition game against the Pens. Doesn't matter because hockey is back, which means that Cahtah Haht is back, which means that life finally has meaning again. 

It seems like the bubble is doing a great job so far at keeping all the players safe from the virus, but it's going to be a miserable few months in that bubble for everybody when they realized they're trapped there with Carter Hart's glove. 

Pray for the rest of the East. 

Stay Ready.