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BREAKING: Will Compton Officially Opting In for 2020 NFL Season, Respects Those Who Opt Out

Earlier today, we heard from JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Steelers. Now, we shift our focus to current free agent LB Will Compton. Our coworker hopped on the pod with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss what this season could look like, his recent blog about undrafted NFL players, and more. If and when Compton gets signed to one fo the 32 teams, he officially made a statement on today's show that confirms he WILL be playing in 2020. Here is the transcript below...

Mr. Commenter: Do you want to make an announcement, get us some headlines here. Are you going to play this year or are you going to opt out?

Will Compton: No, I'm playing this year. I respect anybody who wants to opt out, but, you know, I'm trying to get in for another one. 

Mr. Cat: We'll do a press release. We'll have Jake Marsh set up a press release: "Will Compton officially opting in..." 

Mr. Commenter: ... "While respecting players who choose to opt out."

Will Compton: Big Cat, I am officially opting into the 2020 Season. My door is open, my phone is open, everyone knows where to find me. 

Mr. Cat: We'll get your name going in the circle. We got you bro, we got you.

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