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Good Mood Tuesday: A Dog's Parents Bring Home His Newborn Best Friend

We take a break from your regularly scheduled programming of baseball covid updates and how Patrick Mahomes is spending his half a billion dollars with a little bit of tenderness. People ask me all the time what the best part of having kids is and my answer is simple: The minute they fall asleep. When I realize they mean the best part of actually being around my kids, it's easily when I can watch them interact and play with each other. Heart melting shit 1000 times out of 1000. I've had the picture of my daughter staring at my son in wonder the first time she met him at the hospital as the background of my phone since it happened 2.5 years ago and I don't see that changing until they bury me in a pine box. 

I imagine that watching the kids play with the family pooch would be on that level as well considering fur babies are just as beloved as skin babies. Did I word that last sentence like that in order to freak out the people that say fur babies? Yes. But if you didn't crack a smile and maybe a tear watching that dog meet its new best friend, your soul is either broken or gone. Because while that sweet canine didn't actually say anything or have a facial expression like a kid would when they meet their sibling, there was one little part of him that told the whole story.


Go pet a dog today

Bonus Good Mood Video Since I've Had The Song In My Head As Soon As I Typed Out Tenderness: