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There's Been A Lot Of Complaining Regarding Shows Getting Screwed With The Emmy's, But Nobody Got Robbed More Than 'The Challenge'

So Emmy nominations came out today and typically I don't give a shit about this stuff. I like what I like, you like what you like, we don't need people telling us what's good. Then I saw this tweet from Bananas. I'm sorry, excuse me? What the flying fuck is this nonsense? How do you have things like The Voice or Nailed It (legit never heard of this show) as top competition programs but not the 35th season of the greatest competition program on TV?

The Challenge. 

This season especially gave us everything. We had the fire 90s playlist: 


We had these guys and gals living in a damn bunker. Bananas broke it to us on No Quitters about how they had no actual sunlight in the bunker or even on the bus to events. They blacked out the windows on the bus so you could only see out the front window if you looked that way. It was true mental warfare this season in which we had big names like Bananas, CT, Wes, Jordan, Cory, etc all playing. We had rookies making huge splashes. We even had a pregnant chick who didn't know she was pregnant! What more could you want there? 

The fact is The Challenge has delivered at least 30 out of 35 years. That's impossible to ignore. It still holds up this long down the line. It was truly an old school feeling to this season, which we can all be honest is the best kind. You had alliances - including the bizarre Bananas and Wes teaming up. You had fights, you had the bar arguments and of course crying that made no sense. The only thing missing was CT trying to knock someone out, but he's a dad now so that changes. 

And that's all before we even mention the best host in the game in TJ Lavin. Outside of Trebek, there's nobody better suited to host a show than TJ is with The Challenge. This year he even got to drive tanks a bunch of times, call people quitters and just laugh at the stupidity of some of the people on the show. So spare me all the other complaints, nobody got robbed more than The Challenge and we shouldn't rest until it's fixed.

In the mean time though, subscribe to No Quitters and listen to the podcast with Bananas talk about it all.