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The Tigers Tweeting About Patrick Mahomes Finally Making His Way Into Baseball Just Further Proves They've Turned Into A Joke Of A Franchise

I don't care if Patrick Mahomes was never really going to work out as a pro baseball player. The Tigers still used a draft pick on him and he didn't sign. You know what I don't want to see or hear if I'm a Tigers fan? This. They aren't nearly successful enough to be cracking jokes left and right all willy nilly. This is a franchise that got SWEPT throwing Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer and David Price 1-2-3. Remember that? That was awesome: 

Oh and since then? The Tigers have had 1 winning season and won over 70 games twice. That's fucking horrific. I say that as an Orioles fan laughing at them. That's how bad I view the Tigers. Yeah maybe I'm a bit of a lunatic fan where I don't want my team laughing at shit like this while they stink. Sue me. Maybe I want to see my team 50 games the year prior before cracking jokes about Patrick Mahomes. 

That said, being able to own part of a team is so fucking awesome. That's how you know you made it. The moment you can just be like yep here's some money, I own part of this team now. That's unreal. That's all I want in life. I don't even care what level the team is, I need to own part of a team more than anything now. 

PS: We have now hit our quota of Patrick Mahomes buying a team blogs. You're welcome.