Lil Dicky's DAVE Got Absolutely Robbed Of An Emmy Nomination

So Emmy nominations came out this afternoon. Generally I do not give a shit about what gets nominated for an Emmy because..well, who cares really what a ton of random people had to say about a show. I feel if you like something, you watch and enjoy it, and a nomination or award isn't going to change that. Is recognition awesome? Of course, but the fact alone that It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has never been nominated for a major category (it has three nominations for "Outstanding stunt coordination for a comedy series or variety program) just shows that those people have no goddamn idea what they're talking about. I do not allow myself to get upset or angry about snubs. Until today. I got angry again today. Why? DAVE didn't even get a single nomination.

I understand it is difficult to get nominated after your first season, but this show was unbelievable. I'm not sure I have seen another show that can just weave between legitimate over-the-top in your face hilarity and touching real life commentary. One episode sees Lil Dicky going through a brutal breakup or coping with the fact that his childhood friends have been taking advantage of him for years and the next is Benny Blanco shouting about a string of profanity intertwined with sushi references that ends with how he wants Lil Dicky to "suck him." Did I expect a television show based on a man whose entire career is based on the idea that he has a small penis to be transformative? No. Was it? Yes, it really was.

At the absolute MINIMUM, Gata, Lil Dicky's real-life hype man, should have been nominated for best supporting actor. His episode that tackled his personal battle with bipolar disorder was both heartbreaking and hilarious. The dramatization of his own life, friendship and professional relationship with Lil Dicky was outstanding.


I do not know of another show that can so quickly pivot from legitimate mental health discourse and discussion to Lil D masturbating with a "Fuck Me Silly 3" and getting caught when it's lifeless, rubber legs plop out of the shower in front of his girlfriend, all while he grasps onto a wooden twig with toilet paper fastened to the end he uses to clean it out post simulated coitus. That and this milking scene gave me my hardest two laughs any TV show has in a long, long time. The slow motion, dramatic music playing ascent with his tongue out toward his girlfriend's butthole? Absolute perfection.

Also, his freestyle that ended the entire season was absolute GAS and maybe got me more hyped up than anything else on TV did all year.

It feels like at any given time 90% of TV shows are absolutely garbage, especially on cable. FXX absolutely delivered with this show in a million ways, but apparently the Emmy judges didn't see this masterpiece for what it was. Maybe they just have a thing against FX/FXX comedies that I love…except Atlanta.