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The Nats Have Voted Against Traveling To Miami To Play The Marlins This Weekend...What Will MLB Do?


Well, well, well, look what we have here. An ol' fashioned stand-off. On one side of the duel, the Nationals. On the other side, the hot dog vendors, gym teachers, and high school drug dealers who make up the current roster of the Miami Marlins. And the reason they are in an old-fashioned stand-off? The Nats have absolutely no desire to travel down to the COVID epicenter called Florida, where almost the entire Marlins team has now tested positive.

So what is the right thing for MLB to do? I think it's obvious- you have to limit traveling as much as possible. They are looking pretty stupid right now for not choosing the "play in the Arizona bubble" option. The NBA bubble is working perfectly, save for some chicken wing runs to the strip club. But that happens. It's fine. 

Traveling to Miami doesn't necessarily change a ton, as the players will still get exposure to the Marlins just the same. But it also makes a ton of sense not to put the pilots, the chefs, the road folks, the team staff, all those people in danger when there's no use. It's not like Coronavirus is just over. We didn't beat it at all. So the Nats have every right to decide they want to stay as safe as possible and not travel down to Florida to play the helpless Marlins. Can ya blame em?

I thinkkkk MLB will realize bubbles are good and perhaps even look for more ways to limit travel. That's if they are smart and can make changes on the fly. Otherwise they have to decide what the fuck the right decision here is. Would be an ugly PR move to make the Nats fly, but after all, this is the agreement the league and the Player's Association agreed to. So everyone is in a bit of a chinese finger trap here. I have no a clue what Manfred will decide, but I'm sure it'll end up being the wrong choice in the end.