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Patrick Mahomes Is Now a Part-Owner Of The Kansas City Royals

Patrick Mahomes officially has the best answer to the question "What did you buy right away when you signed your big contract?" Almost everyone will say a house for their mom or a brand new car. Nah, Mahomes bought a professional baseball team. That's the undisputed number one answer as far as I'm concerned. Putting a roof over your mom is awesome, but that doesn't top owning a baseball team. Mahomes has a Super Bowl ring, an NFL MVP award, the richest contract in pro sports history, and is now the part-owner of an MLB team. Oh yeah he's only 24 years old. What was I doing at 24? Living at home with my mom while taking an hour and a half bus ride into the city to go to work. 

This dude's life is a cheat code. He actually has it all. Think about this too —he hasn't seen any of his new contract money yet. This is all from endorsements and he's still got plenty enough to buy a baseball team. Now how much was it for? Probably not a lot, but I'm sure there's a minimum you have to chip in and it can't be that cheap. Life just comes easy to this man and quite frankly I'm jealous. Yeah I'll be big and say it, I am jealous of Patrick Mahomes' life. In a few years he'll probably just become the mayor of Kansas City and succeed in that too. He'll retire and just become President of the United States and lead us to greatness. 

Also real quick, some are saying he's the youngest owner in pro sports history. Let's pump the breaks there for a second. Think about all of the Packers owners. There's got to be a few kids who were gifted a share of the team for one of their birthdays. Also didn't Serena Williams 2 year old daughter just buy a soccer team? Awesome that Mahomes bought the Royals, but I'm not crowning him as the youngest owner in sports. Not so fast my friend.