Fun Fact: The Blackhawks Are The Youngest Team In The Playoffs

There goes a SAVAGE on his way into the bubble. A man who spent his quarantine chopping wood, running up mountains, and wrestling giant sturgeon in British Colombia. A man who turned 37 years old on July 16th. Yes, Duncan Keith looks like this at age 37

Duncan Keith...37

Jonathan Toews...32

Corey Crawford...35

Patrick Kane...31

That's the core. Those are the guys who give us hope heading into a gunfight in the West. Living in the bubble and bursting Edmonton's. So it's pretty shocking when you see this list broken down by Chris Johnston

Hockey is usually a young man's game. Fresh legs, youthful exuberance, and the ability to be so young and dumb that you don't get caught up in the moment. That is part of the equation. You need to have the right kind of young guys. The kind that has the playoff DNA. Warriors. Sharpie had that look, that bite. Versteeg had it. Hossa had it. The Blackhawks have been searching for the next group for years. I think Debrincat is one of those guys. I think Dach is one of those guys. I am not totally sure about Boqvist, but this is a chance for him to grow and learn and figure out how and when to bite. I LOVE that he's on a leash with Duncan Keith holding the handle. Making sure he doesn't get in trouble. 

This Covid Cup is suddenly a GREAT opportunity for growth, experience, and…evaluation. You're going to find out quickly which guys want to be here. Which guys want to battle. Which guys will do whatever it takes be part of something special. It's go time and the Hawks are going lean on young guns by necessity instead of choice. However it shakes out the next 14 days will be very telling about the future of the organization