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The Dark Knight Rises...

...in Kansas City!

At this point, I can't even get mad at the Royals. I have to tip my cap for completely decimating my beloved New York Metropolitans ever since that fateful October in 2015. They picked apart the Mets young arms with #contact, grinded out close wins despite trailing for most of the series, ripped their hearts out in Game 5, then celebrated a World Series championship on Citi Field while trolling the fuck out of Noah Syndergaard.

Once that was all over, all they did for an encore was sign the two Mets players that immediately come to mind when you mention the final game of that World Series: The guy that airmailed the throw home that started the butterfly effect of bottles being popped in the visitors locker room in Lucas Duda and the guy that begged to go out for the 9th despite his arm being listed as Threat Level Midnight before the playoffs even began in Matt Harvey. For all the whining us Mets fans do, and trust me I realize its plenty, we met our match with the Royals. We adopted the darkness while the Royals were born in it over the last three decades of irrelevance before they rose like a phoenix, took their lumps against the unstoppable October MadBum, then got that title by taking down Gotham and their Dark Knight.

As for Harvey, I imagine there is a decent chance he is cooked because he lost that physical and mental edge that made Harvey Day a legitimate event once every five days. But if he is actually going to make a comeback Kenny Powers style, starting in the minors of Kansas City and battling back is about as humbling as its going to get with a nightlife that I imagine is slightly different than you experience as an A-Lister in New York City.

UPDATE: Meanwhile in Gotham...

UPDATE 2: Suddenly this Harvey signing makes perfect sense outside of the Royals just trying to fuck with the Mets now that the coolest Mets fan on the planet is a part owner


TL; DR - Fuck the goddamn Royals