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The Crease Dive's PLL Chirping MasterClass Featuring Matt Gaudet

Matt Gaudet made his PLL debut on Saturday night and he instantly set the lacrosse world ablaze. Not so much in the same sense as rookies Grant Ament and Bryan Costabile have been setting the lacrosse world on fire, but with his relentless mic'd up chirps. This man put on one of the greatest shit talking performances we've ever seen. We're talking about getting interviewed by the broadcast on NBCSN, standing no more than 3 feet away from Blaze Riorden in cage after the Chrome had just scored like 7 goals in a row, and laying into the guy on national TV. 

Now I don't know how familiar you guys are with the internet but as it turns out, the internet is an absolutely awful place to have a nuanced discussion. Because all anybody ever wants to do on the internet is win an argument. They don't care about anything else besides being right. So when you've got a lightning rod like Matt Gaudet bringing the art of chirping into the homes of hundreds of thousands of families, naturally it's going to cause a massive divide in the lacrosse world. There are going to be those who realize that chirping in a part of the game and if you don't want to get chirped, you better do something about it on the field to stop it. And then there are those who think that professional athletes are all supposed to be these buttoned up little choir boys who need to tHiNk AbOuT aLl ThE kIdS wAtChInG aT hOmE. So you've got one side who think there's nothing wrong with Gaudet's chirps and know that it's just a part of the game, and you've got the other side who think that Matt Gaudet just ruined the entire sport of lacrosse as we know it. And neither side really cares what the other has to say because this is the internet and everybody just thinks that they're right. 

So what did we go out and do? We went out and we talked to the source himself because that's what Big J journalists do. So we got Matt Gaudet on the podcast and let him talk about the art of chirping himself. And let me tell ya--the man put on a MasterClass in explaining all the nuance that goes in to chirping. He explains how there's a time and a place to really start to digging into a guy. He explains how he realizes that part of the role of being a pest is that guys are going to start taking runs at him, but that's the whole point. He knows that his mouth is just another facet of his game that he can use to distract the defense away from his teammates like Jordan Wolf and Justin Guterding who can do more damage with their sticks. And as if this even needed to be said at all, he knows that Blaze Riorden is one of the best goalies in the world. 

The moral of the story here is that Matt Gaudet wants to win lacrosse games, and agitating the everliving shit out of his opponents is how he chooses to help his team get the W. And if you watched that game on Saturday night, there is no possible way that you can argue with the results. Take a listen for yourself. 

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