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Todd Gurley's Ranking In The NFL Top 100 Is An Indictment Of Football

Todd Gurley seems like a cool guy. He was great at Georgia before the NCAA screwed him and had a few good years in LA, but man is he overrated. 

Due to how much they touch the ball, the RB position is likely the most overvalued position in all of sports. I can't think of one that even comes close. Front offices across the NFL have slowly begun to realize this and have started to give less lucrative contracts to RBs, while also spending less draft capital on the position. This isn't because RBs are bad at football or anything, but in the current game they just aren't as valuable as they once were. 

Here are some players that have ranked behind Todd Gurley in the NFL's Top 100 list:

-Darrius Slay

-Kyler Murray (almost every starting NFL QB is more useful than Todd Gurley and almost every NFL RB outside of maybe McCaffery)

-Marlon Humphrey

-Myles Garrett

-Keenan Allen

-Laremy Tunsil

-Odell Beckham Jr. (!!!!!!)

-Zack Martin

-Marcus Peters

That's only a list of 9 players, but all 49 players behind Todd Gurley should be in front of him. The craziest part is Gurley came in at #4 last year!!! Who let that happen?!? The 4th best player in the NFL?!?

Gurley may be one of the worst contracts in NFL history.

The Rams were in the Super Bowl just two seasons ago and now they're in cap hell thanks to inpart for overpaying for Gurley:

I know this list is made by the NFL players, so we shouldn't put too much stock into it, but it's still mind-blowing to me that you could think that Gurley is deserving of that ranking, especially when you're a professional football player.