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Kanye Stops His Show And Won't Go On Until Everybody Stands Up, Berates Two People For Not Standing Annnnnd They're In Wheelchairs


Whoops!  I was gonna say in this blog shit like, “How bad do you think Kanye feels after getting an entire arena of people to boo and hiss a person to stand up and then finding out they’re in a wheel chair?  Awful, right?” but then I remembered there’s no way Kanye gives a fuck.  That stopped a long time ago.  I’m almost sure a feeling of “Man, that was a mean thing to do” didn’t even cross his mind after the show.  Kanye stopped giving a fuck after his first three albums went platinum and then he made 808s & Heartbreak (which fucking sucked) and even THAT went platinum. It was at that point he realized he could do whatever he wanted and still sell records.  It was at that moment we lost Backpack Kanye and Rant Kanye’s brain started to form.  He still makes good music but he is unbearable otherwise.


If Kanye is a God, which he for sure thinks he is, couldn’t he cure the handicap people in the crowd?  This video is definitive proof that Kanye isn’t a God despite what he might tell you.  Any time he goes on one of his “I’m a God” rants (which he will by Wednesday I’m sure) we need to sit him down and show him this tape.  If he was in fact a God he wouldn’t leapt off stage, touched the handicap person’s legs and boom they would’ve been twerking to his music.  Instead once he found out they were handicapped he immediately started playing a song and forgot about it.  Fraud City.


I miss Backpack Kanye.