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Once I Saw Land for Sale on the Moon for Fifty Bucks a Half-Acre...


I couldn't help myself and my wife couldn't stop me... Once I saw land for sale on the moon for fifty bucks a half-acre, I figured what the heck? So back in 2006, I bought an acre and a half.

Is it real or is it a "pet rock"? Probably more of a pet rock, but hey, if you're gonna own a pet rock, may as well be on the moon! Right?

I now own more land on the moon than I do on planet earth. All I need is transportation and a great-fitting space suit!

Okay, I may have gotten taken, but I did so willingly because it seemed like such a goofy thing to do and I am one of the world's biggest goofballs! I guess now you'd say I'm a real "lunartic"!

Take a look at the paperwork, which even if it is bogus, it's worth fifty bucks as a conversation piece. 

What say you? Pet Rock or Real Deal?

moon 5.jpg



moon 2.jpg

"Honey, we're all out of tinfoil!"


(Old guys rule!)