Cracked Rear View Is The Best Album Of The 1990s And You Can't Tell Me Otherwise

As everyone knows at this point, we've been drafting stuff on The Dog Walk every Friday (now monday) for the better part of like 3-4 months now. It was an easy pivot once "quarantine" started and draws a ton of engagement on social media. In general, people generally like them no matter how pathetic Chief is at drafting things. Burrata salad? You fucking kidding me? 

Someone put him on a goddamn watch list!!! 


Anyways, a few weeks back we drafted 1990s musical acts. Before you go any further in the blog, please listen to the episode:


Thanks! Now that you've listened, let's rehash the results:

You'll notice there is 1 glaring omission: not one person picked Hootie and the Blowfish. I am DISGUSTED with Barstool Chicago. Sickened. I have been thinking about this for legit weeks now and finally decided to put it in blog form. 

Simply put, Cracked Rear View is the BEST album of the 1990s which automatically makes Hootie not only draft worthy, but 1st round pick worth. Yet they didn't crack the top 25. Talk about slipping in the draft! It's inexcusable for all of us as a whole, but myself as the "music guy" more than the rest of the crew. That's me admitting I was wrong and am holding myself accountable. Credit to me for that.

So that's what we're waking up with today, Cracked Rear View by Hootie. Play it and let's have ourselves a day!