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The Definitive List Of Stupid People On Twitter Version 5.0

The Definitive List Of Stupid People On Twitter, Version 2.0

The Definitive List Of Stupid People On Twitter, Version 3.0

The Definitive List Of Stupid People On Twitter, Version 4.0

Our last installment of “Stupid People On Twitter” was less than a month ago. 4.0 was on April 3. Usually weeks, months, maybe even a year goes by before another Twitter Gem earns its way into the Barstool New York Hall Of Fame. But this is a lesson that Black Twitter never sleeps. It never stops. Its the funniest force in all of nature, and at any given moment you can hear a new one liner that is so patently ridiculous, you have no choice but to enshrine it in the Hall. So today I present to you another Hall of Fame inductee, @STURDYSHOW aka Chris Lova Lova:

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.29.35 AM

Black Twitter’s obsession with aux cords meets their affinity for screwing up commonly known words and phrases. Between being Ostrich Sized and now harvesting Ox Celery, Black Twitter is about to start a goddam farm. You gotta assume this is one of the times Black Twitter intentionally misspelled something. Sometimes they do it on purpose like a game. Ox Celery just too much. Just too much for a person to think the auxillary cord is the ox celery cord. But either way, its an absolute gem. Only way Chris Lova Lova could really think that was the way to say it is if his brain had a caesar. If he’s really that dumb, Lettuce Pray.

PS – Here’s the best ox celery joke you’ll see all day:

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.43.28 AM

Again thats just me bridging the gap between white and black twitter. Black folks probably wont appreciate that as much but Oregon Trail humor wins 100 times out of 100.