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Getting A Red Card For Kicking The Ball Directly At The Ref's Back At The Final Whistle Is The Best Way To Get Kicked Out Of An MLS Match

You ask me and I'll tell you this ref deserved it. Absolutely no doubt about it in my mind. There are very few people in the sports world worse than refs. They are way too smug for my liking. They love to talk shit to people and overreact but get mad when people overreact to them. So yeah, my only complaint is Kyle Beckerman didn't kick the ball a bit harder. Any time you drill someone with a ball, it's funny. There's a reason America's Funniest Home Videos was thriving in the 90s. 

What makes it even better is that Kyle Beckerman is a well-respected player. You're talking about a 38-year old who played for Team USA. He started every group play game back in the 2014 World Cup! I know it's hard to think that long ago because we missed the 2018 World Cup, but 2014 wasn't too shabby. Fucking Wondo missing the goal against Belgium hurts, but we still advanced damnit. 

But this just goes back to what I've always believed. Yes, refs suck but teams should be allowed to have 1 challenge to berate a ref at all times. You should have 2 minutes or a TV timeout to send a designated player and/or coach and just point out of all the things the refs have fucked up. You should also be allowed to gently kick a ball at a ref like Beckerman did here. Listen, who knows if it was on purpose! I use this excuse all the time now that I kick my son's soccer ball around the house. Maybe a right footed chip goes through a shelf instead of hitting the couch. Wasn't on purpose. I stand with Kyle Beckerman.