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Ricky Renteria Woke Up Kinda Sick, Getting Tested For The 'Rona

Fucking AWESOME!!! More good news on top of mountains of good news coming out in MLB today. The only thing that could make this day better is if I hit the $10 scratcher I just bought at the 7/11 across the street while picking up a new can of dip for the evening.

Needless to say I hope RR is fine and all that and it's good he nipped this in the bud instead of infecting more people with whatever he has. Should he have the Big C then he'll more than likely be fine and under close watch of doctors, but what sucks is that he'll be cooped up in a Cleveland hotel for 10+ days which isn't a fate I'd wish on Carl. 

Please god don't let it be the Big C for obvious reason, and if it is, hopefully the symptoms are mild. That, and nobody on earth wants the blue balls that would be consuming a handful of MLB games after a 9 month lay off just to have the season canceled again. I speak for everybody when I say that. 

FUCK this virus. Wear a goddamn mask or whatever 

PS - Kopech filed for divorce from Vanessa Morgan. 

She's pregnant, they're getting divorced, and I have no comment on his personal shit at all. Everything I just said is public now. Not gonna speculate but hopefully he's getting his shit together and will be ready to rock in 2021