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Baseball is cancelled-Why the Waterdogs lost and PLL preview Today

Atlas vs Waterdogs 11-10 Final

Almost a huge upset by Waterdogs In this game at one point they were up 3-0 in the first quarter with 2 huge goals by AWL5 Drew Snider who was wearing PMT gloves. Atlas was the superteam on paper. The main reason The waterdogs were able to stay in the game was the combo of Jake Withers and Drew Simoneau controlling possessions by beating big-name Trevor Baptiste, someone who I thought was going to have a much better showing in the first half. The waterdogs were able to capitalize on their offensive possessions with insane ball movements making the experienced Atlas defense look silly. The Atlas's experience was enough to stifle the waterdogs momentum and began their comeback in the middle of the third, down 10-6. Rob Pannell had a huge return and once the Atlas could gain possession at the Faceoff X and get the ball to the offensive side Ryan Brown and Eric Law WENT OFF. Cloutier had crucial goals in the 4th taking advantage of the uncovered mismatch. Paul Rabil got shut down, scoreless pointless, dudes the commish but his old ass got SHUT DOWN. Atlas pulls through after a huge comeback.


Redwoods Vs. Chaos 7pm


Redwoods have an offense that can score but boy did they miss retired Face-off man Greg Gurenlian in their loss against the Whipsnakes. The PLL is high scoring, The advantage goes to the offense way more than the college or MLL game. Faceoffs are extremely important to get the offense the ball so their guys like Myles Jones, "The Motor City Hitman" Perkovic, and "Old but Gold" Kyle Harrison (I just made up that nickname) can get to work dodging and feeding Kavanagh and Petterson. Garrett Epple has to step up and make some defensive stops and help Troutner (who had 10 saves against 13 goals which mean he was left out to dry, 10 saves is usually a great day for a goalie! a man can only take so much heat) in order to win this game.


Coming off a loss to the Chrome once again these guys need help on the Faceoff X. They lost 72% of their faceoffs. This is another team with guys who can score. Blaze Riorden had 10 saves allowed 13 goals! The guy is the reigning Goalie of the year their defense needs to step up and stop letting the other team getting so many shots off!!

Whoever capitalizes on defense makes stops and wins possession in the middle of the field and at the X is going to win this game. Because both teams have weak defenses and guys who can score goals take the over. I am choosing the Redwoods to win because they have serious firepower... but not to cover.

Atlas vs. Archers 9pm


Atlas played down to the Waterdogs' last game. Thank god for Pannel and Rabil (probably the best lax duo in the world) they pulled it out because that would be embarrassing. Trevor Baptiste also needs to pull his head out of his ass, after Gurenlian retired he was easily supposed to be the best Faceoff man in the league. He shat the bed in the first half and the momentum to the Waterdogs showed. Once he got it together in the second the Atlas was able to mount a comeback. Rabil also had 0 production. I guess he was stressed it was opening weekend like he is the commissioner.  To win the Atlas have to play lacrosse relaxed. Their amazing team has to play, get Pannell the ball and let him cook.


I have no idea how these guys are going to do it's their first game. no disrespect I don’t know any of these guys except Will Manny, Marcus Holman, and Brendan Fowler. I could see Archers upsetting Atlas if Fowler goes big psycho and beat Baptiste at the X and the Archers attack fucks the club up and Manny and Holman goes off. 

Fuck it Archers upset take the over.

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