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Mohamed Sanu Finishes an Offseason of Hardo Workouts with a Beach Session on Cape Cod

Nobody, but nobody, has put in more effort to overcome a down year than Mohamed Sanu. Or posted more of that effort on the social medias. All told, there must be an hour of footage of these insanely intense regimens just on the 'Gram alone. Sanu running routes up the side of a mountain. Sanu pulling his trainer up the slope like an Iditarod husky. Sanu catching balls over a house. Sanu running routes for Jarrett Stidham on the East Coast. Sanu running routes for Cam Newton on the West Coast. He's been a one man workout session. A few drums and bugles away from turning his whole offseason into the Boot Camp montage in every movie about military recruits. 

And none of those videos have been as big a flex as this one. On a Cape Cod beach on a July weekend. Just beating the traffic, finding parking and making it past the crowds alone is more work than a Major Leaguer does in six weeks of Spring Training. As far as I can tell, this workout is at Marconi Beach, which in and of itself is a test of human physical endurance. The parking lot is huge, but a mile away from the stairs, which themselves are like trying to descend the Matterhorn, only carrying a cooler and chairs and bags full of towels while carefully dragging your hyperactive toddlers alongside. Any man who can overcome the hardships of reaching such a remote destination is primed for the year of his career, I assure you. Never mind running routes in the sand which was probably the temperature of a hundred black leather car seats. Any lingering questions about Sanu's recovery from ankle surgery should be settled once and for all. 

Besides that, he knows what Apollo taught Rocky. When you've had a setback in your career and need to get the eye of the tiger back, work out at the beach. 

... with or without the super awkward, nipple-to-nipple bro hug in the water afterwards. 

All veterans got their Covid tests today, with a report date of Tuesday. So I'm assuming this will be Sanu's final hardo training video. They'll be missed. But at least we'll finally get to see him working out versus actual living human beings again. Cannot wait.