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DeAndre Baker Has Officially Been Placed On The Commissioner's Exempt List

First of all, shout out to whoever at the NFL asked DeAndre to record this gif.

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That is the first time I've ever seen one of these gifs that could possibly be perceived as negative about the player posing for them. But I guess after meeting DeAndre, they decided to throw that ol' facepalm in there for internet assholes like myself to use if/when stories like this ever happened.

Anyway, I am going to do something wild and say I want to see how this all plays out before deciding how bad this is all going to be considering we have had stories that made Baker seem guilty as sin followed by stories that completely redeem him, with Big Blue fans ready to kick him off the team or thanking God they let the legal process play out before making rash decisions. I know it's crazy to wait until we hear the entire story play out before weighing judgment in the world today. But considering the charges being serious, the location where the crime took place being Florida, and the new CBA potentially changing how many of the roles of Judge/Jury/Executioner that Roger Goodell can actually fill for players on the commissioners exempt list if they are not punished by a court of law, I think not going overboard on either side of the boat is the way to go.

However, considering DeAndre wasn't attending virtual meetings in the offseason and was reportedly falling asleep in meetings last season, I am 0% concerned about how much his time away from the team is going to effect him.

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P.S. I'm not sure how the Chargers factor into all this but it would be very much on brand for them to somehow get punished for something a Giant and a Seahawk allegedly did. But if you think I'm gonna pass up a chance to hit that franchise with a ricochet shot after hearing how much better Phil Rivers was than the Giants QB1 for years, you are dead wrong.