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Rory Tweets He's Watching Football With A "Finest Yachts For Charter" Book Just Chillin On His Coffee Table


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What’s Rory up to tonight?  Not much.  Hanging around the house after having one of the best golf year’s in recent memory and pocketing $7.5+ million in the process.  Unwinding on the sofa, taking in an NFL football game and sipping a little tea like an Average Joe.  And what’s that on the coffee table?  Oh nothing, just a “The World’s Finest One Hundred Yachts For Charter” book.  We all have one those laying around somewhere.  Unlike us though he’s probably using the book as a check list.  Gonna charter all 100 hundred and slay 10 smokes on each.  It’s the offseason!  What else is he gonna do before the Ryder Cup?  It’s good to be king. #simplethings