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Wanda Icardi (Wife Of Soccer Star) Claps Back At A Troll On Instagram Telling Him 'She Gives Oral Sex Every Night' So Joke's On That Guy

[Source] - The wife of Paris Saint-Germain forward Mauro Icardi has previously been forced to deny claims that she was involved in a sex tape.

In the comments under a picture of Nara alongside the caption "Innocent Face" one person commented: "Who would have thought that due to oral sex you would get where you are?"

But quick-witted Nara was quick to shut him down with the response: "One?! I do it every night. Why don't you try too?"

I fucking love Wanda Nara/Icardi. Her story is so fascinating and perfect content. She was married to Maxi Lopez, a former teammate of her current husband Mauro Icardi. Yep, you read that one right. Oh, she's also Icardi's agent. In no single way could something go wrong there! She's also a quote machine. Look at some of these: 

And now we have her telling a troll on this Instagram picture that she gives oral sex every night: 

Clearly it's a joke (maybe), but I love it. Oh you think me allegedly being in a sex tape blowing someone is how I got here? Well joke's on you because I give my husband oral sex EVERY night. Honestly, that's too much if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, it's a huge compliment, but every night? That just seems excessive. But clearly it had to be a joke because she's quoted saying Icardi only has sex with her after PSG wins. They don't win every game obviously.

Listen funny is funny and telling clapping back at someone telling them you give oral sex every single night is funny. Well played, Wanda.