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Darren Rovell & This Other Guy Are In A Twitter Slap Fight Over What's More Contagious: COVID-19 Or Fatal Car Accidents?

I tell you guys there is nothing like getting cold hard data rammed down your throat in an argument. Everybody hates those fucking guys. Here's Darren Rovell reluctantly reporting facts about the COVID-19 breakout in Miami, knowing with 100% certainty that he's about to get murdered before he even gets started. Literally the absolute last thing anyone's going to do is enlighten the public about COVID and Rovell knows it. Impossible not to respect the grind:

For those who still don't understand: cases cancel games, not severity of cases. - Darren Rovell sacrificing himself to the Twitter Gods this morning

Fortunately this is where the cold hard facts come in handyStupid Rovell. How do you not think about car crashes when reporting on COVID-19? Did you even know it's more likely a Miami Marlin dies driving to White Hen for a fresh roll of Grizzly Mint? Or that approximately two times the population of Lane Tech high school dies Every Single Day in the United States?  DO YOU EVEN KNOW DEATH BRO?

Or is Big Cat's suffocating man-to-man on-ball defense the closest you've ever come?

Either way, The Other Guy's argument reminds me of the late 90's when National Discourse was vibing super hard and Ford Explorers had major issues rolling over. But they were also a huge seller so Ford did the study on how much money it would cost to do a national recall vs. how much it costs every time one of their customers dies and sues Ford. They found out it was cheaper to just sweep it under the rug and settle the wrongful death lawsuits than it was to basically ruin an entire new and extremely profitable line of cars with the recall. So they kept the cars on the road and a bunch of people died unnecessarily.  

Anyways I remember hearing about that case in some econ class in college and being blown away. I also remember a classmate arguing that Ford made the right decision. 

He was a huge fucking douchebag. Think he ended up at Deloitte.

PS - Let's prove to people that National Discourse is alive and well in the comment section below!