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Colin Cowherd Declares That If LeBron Wins The Title He's The GOAT Because The Lakers Roster Is Dysfunctional

I missed this on Friday but I saw this video come across Twitter today and I have to say I'm not surprised. The talking heads are foaming at the mouth to declare LeBron the unofficial GOAT if the Lakers win the title this year, you may remember Nick Wright went on TV and said the title would count as two (2) rings. You may say he's joking, but deep down you know he believes that. Well now it was Colin's turn to take a similar stance, only this time he went the dysfunctional roster route.

Here's the truth. We ALL saw the names the Lakers were signing and thought the same thing. It was going to be a hilarious disaster given their history. But here's the thing, the Lakers have not been dysfunctional at any point this season. There was never one example of locker room drama, nobody has acted like a diva, everyone got in line and was on their best behavior. The addition of Anthony Davis helped and this is a team that was atop the West pretty much wire to wire and ranks in the top 5 in all the categories that matter. It's not like LeBron had to carry the Lakers through tons and tons of dysfunction. I do think he deserves credit for keeping everyone in line, but that's because everyone on this roster knows the Lakers have a legit shot. If somehow this was a low seed or fringe playoff team, my guess is things wouldn't have been so smooth. Nobody wants to be the one that fucks this up for LeBron so all that dysfunction shit went out the window.

So I'm struggling to see the connection as to how LeBron would become the GOAT if he wins with this roster. Are we pretending like there wasn't dysfunction on those MJ teams? Pretty sure I just watched a 10 part documentary that explained the exact opposite. For the Lakers to win the title LeBron is going to need the help of a top 5 player, something MJ never really had. LeBron deserves all the credit in the world and should be in the MVP conversation because of the talent drop off of this roster once you get past AD, so that should be the argument. Not that he had to deal with a dysfunctional roster that at no point this season was dysfunctional. 

Since Day 1 the chemistry on this roster has been probably the best in the league. Nobody is fighting with the coach or each other. We were all DEAD WRONG about how these pieces would fit. We were ready to make jokes on Twitter since October and the joke has been on the rest of the internet. There are a ton of reasons why you could argue LeBron will one day be the GOAT, but trying to use the dysfunction angle makes no goddamn sense. He also doesn't achieve that with only 4 rings. Sorry but that's the truth. He could get there eventually, but this is not something that will be determined by the bubble title.